1. U2 tribute Band “Rattle and Hum

This is the only U2 cover band that Bono gave the green light to.This U2 tribute band are known to be one of the best U2 tribute bands in the world. Not only do they sound exactly like U2 but they have an uncanny resemblence to them also. If you can’t have the real thing, Rattle and Hum come in a great second. You get the U2 experience up close.

2. Celtic Drummers

With high octane rhythms and up tempo beats these celtic drummers are sure to wow any crowd.

The high impact and super animated rhythms will live up any crowd and combined with dancers you can add your very own Irish Dancers to any event!

3. Irish Dancers

Irish dancing shot to fame in 1995 with the launch of the phenomenal Irish Dance show during the Eurovision Interval where the most memorable part of the show became our traditional dance itself. This put Irish dancing on the worldwide map and saw an increase in numbers registering in dance schools from Dublin to Japan! This high energy performance include any number of dancers from 4 to 24, dressed in tradition Irish dancing apparel this is sure to add an Irish flavour to any event!

4. Irish Harpists

Classical and Elegant, the harp it one of Irelands most recognisable symbols and Celtic sounds. The harp has proven time and time again to be a very popular choice of music among prospective Irish wedding couples for their church music.

5. Traditional bands

An obvious choice at any Irish style event. Traditional Irish music is recognisable the world over with its distinctive sound and use of instruments such as bodhran, accordian and tin whistle. From a simple 2 or 3 piece band right up to a full live session band. Call +353 1 285 1045