If you’re anything like me, you probably enjoy watching wedding videos on YouTube. Well, I don’t really expect you to be like me in this regard, but… just hear me out: there is something truly special about seeing a bunch of people enjoying themselves and being genuinely happy for the bride and groom.

I’ve reached a point where I could choose a wedding band with my eyes closed – and if you’re currently making plans for your own wedding, soon enough you’ll be able to do this too.

There are a myriad of good resources for finding the right wedding band no matter where you are in Ireland. Wedding Bands Ireland is the perfect resource if you are looking for a group to juice up the party on your Big Day!

Wedding Bands Ireland

If you like trad music we’ve got you covered, with bands like Celtic Factor and Perfect Friction. They’re as Irish as it gets.

You’re a Rock lover? Jungle Boogie, The Funky Buskers, The Midnight Revellers and dozens of other unbelievably talent musicians are out there for you.

Looking for something more unique? Daft Punk Tribute could be a start. Or Havana Club Trio for those into romantic Latin tones. They’re the favourite band of the President of Ireland, can you believe this?

Your wedding doesn’t have to be like every other wedding you’ve been to. Book a musical group that packs a real punch at wedding bands Ireland.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band

We can narrow it down to a simple 3-step process for you:

  1. Make a list of bands you like on www.irishweddingbands.ie or www.budgetweddingbands.ie.
  2. Take a quick look at their bios, setlists and watch as many of their videos as you can get your hands on. See them live, for **FREE** (free as in “seriously, you don’t pay anything”) on our Weekly Free Viewing Nights.
  3. Give us a call and Suzy and Faye will guide you through the booking process, all while giving you the BEST quote you can find in Dublin and all of Ireland!

Unsure which wedding band to get for your church reception or ceremony? Contact us, and one of our experienced booking agents will help you find the best music for your quid.